Occupational Therapists in children at risk of Autism or diagnosed with Autism?

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Occupational therapists use play based interventions strategies to regulate the sensory needs of a child by structuring the child’s environment. The goal of Occupational therapy (OT) intervention is to develop and maintain skills a child needs to function with least dependency at home, school as well in the community. Another major aim of the OT intervention is to help the children with Autism self-regulate themselves to manage their sensory needs while performing the functions in daily life or during transition from one activity to another like Play time to Dinner time or Completing the breakfast to going school.

Occupational therapists use a client centered approach and work with parents collaboratively to set short and long term goals based on the child and family’s need during the evaluation process. Further, these goals were reassessed interim periods and are modified or changed. OT intervention also promotes parents to become the therapist for their own children by guiding them how to facilitate or develop adequate play patterns to acquire or learn new skills.

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Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu

Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu

Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu has 7 years of experience working in different tertiary care pediatric and adult neurorehabilitation centers and hospitals. He has completed his graduation and post graduation in Occupational Therapy with Rehabilitation