Dr. Bavani Thonukunoori

Doctor Bhavani

Bavani Thonukunoori

Remedial Therapist, 12 yrs Experience


Bhavani is Remedial Therapist & Psychological Counselor with over 12 years of experience spanning across various schools, Non-Profit organizations and Hospitals. She has proven skills in the area of Remedial Therapy (Learning problems) – Reading, Improving writing skills, Spellings, Counting, Basic Math, Poor Motor Coordination, Attention & concentration difficulties, Memory Improvement, Visual & auditory sequencing related issues, Motivation, Self-confidence, Completing Tasks on time, and basic social skills, and in the area of Psychological counseling( General Issues) – Stress management, Stage fear, Negative thinking, Time management, Low Mood, Self-confidence development, Low motivation, Behavioral issues, & Parenting.

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