Is Autism Treatable if screened early?

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As per human brain development, during 0-3 years, human brain undergoes with development of voluntary movement, reasoning and development of emotions, attachments and during this phase synapses of different sensory pathways form which detects and receives different sensory stimuli from environment through various sensory receptors present in the organs, send the impulses to brain, process and execute the appropriate responses for those sensory stimuli received. These responses are most commonly called as behaviour of a child or how the child reacts to different inputs in various environments. Thus, most of the social interaction issues, behaviors and communication difficulties are the result of poor sensory processing.

Children with risk of Autism and diagnosed with Autism have these altered sensory pathways, due to which they either receive/withdraw/misses out some of the sensory stimuli at a different rate than atypical child does, their further development in gross/fine motor skills are compromised, they avoid/lack social and language communication, engages into repetitive behaviours to suffice their sensory needs ultimately making them dependant in performing their daily living skills. In later stages of life they are found to be lacking in academic skills, executive function skills as well.

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Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu

Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu

Dr. Soumyakanta Sahu has 7 years of experience working in different tertiary care pediatric and adult neurorehabilitation centers and hospitals. He has completed his graduation and post graduation in Occupational Therapy with Rehabilitation